This company is founded on the idea we are all paying too much for quality hockey sticks. We searched out a manufacturer who had the quality specs we saw in high quality $200+ hockey sticks and asked them to build the All Black Hockey Stick. We believe we have achieved our goal of bringing a quality stick to you at a cheap and discounted price.

Player Tested:
From youth hockey, minor hockey, high-school hockey, junior hockey, college hockey, beer-leaguers this stick has been bought and used by our peers. “Found the right stick…”. “Nothing I could find was close to this price”. “I used it at the Nationals Tourney… When you get more I will take 4 more”…. “When you get them in let me know I am going to buy a few in case you don’t get them again.”. Our goalie...”I can tell more of you have the stick cause the shots are coming in harder now..”. “The stick exceeded my expectations of what I thought I would really get for $89…”. “Because you were out and I gave my ABHS to my brother I had to buy another stick…. And had to spend $225 on a (Fish) stick to get one comparable…” This is what was said to us. My experience is a stronger wrist and slap shot and it has maintained over months of using the stick 3-4 times a week. And I used a $229 stick previously and it was a Totally overpriced One. My experience.

Stick Replacement in the event of a break:
We at ABHS want the experience to be a positive one and you to use this stick for years to come. Manufacturing quality controls do not always catch errors and that is not something the player or parent should pay for in this game. We know the high priced sticks have a different guarantee but you pay for the possibility your stick may break. Our costs only affect those who break the ABHS. . We have designed this policy on how we would want to be treated. We are standing up to your investment much longer than other companies to improve the experience.

Please see our Replacement Policy Page to review the warranty rules and conditions.

We are hockey players. We were tired of the high price and profit of hockey sticks. We are owned and operated by players. We are not making a living off of this company. Try a high quality stick and see what it does to your game as we have seen what it has done for ours… without the high cost risk and fear of making a car payment for a stick. We welcome you to call and speak with us about the stick. This is a passion. We look forward to hearing from you and for you receiving and enjoying your new ABHS!